Saturday, April 28, 2007

finally! i can catch my breath!

Well, it's all over. We pitched the client Monday. We turned in the campaign book. PR campaigns is over. Let me just breathe a huge sigh of relief. In case you were wondering, I turned the 12 page Spanish paper in and took the mass communication law test this week. I still have the 400- page Spanish novel to attack, but that seems manageable now.

I love that feeling you get in PR when all of your hard work pays off. After an entire weekend spent finalizing our campaign book and rehearsing our presentation, we were thrilled to see it all culminate into an excellent client pitch. To me, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of PR. You get to see the results of your efforts.

I'm in a class this semester that helps students choose a major and/or a career. (I know, as a senior shouldn't I have already picked a career, not to mention a major? It's a little late in the game to change my mind. It's a long story how I got there, but it wasn't a complete waste of time.) In this career planning class, we took about seven personality assessments. We even assessed our assessments sometimes. What I gleaned from all these tests was that my personality is completely perfect for PR. I also discovered that my work values sync up with what PR has to offer. One of my work values was recognition, and completing our PR campaign certainly brought that.

PR is by all means a collaborative effort, and my campaigns team is by far and away the best team I've ever worked with in college. Everyone contributed ad shouldered the work load together. Even more than that though, I have never met a group of people randomly assigned to one another who got along so well together. It's like our personalities just clicked. We all like being together.

To me, this social aspect of PR is what drew me to it. I didn't want to stuck in a back corner cubicle writing copy. I want to work with people. Especially if the team is as great as this one!

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Laura Huckeba said...

Congratulations to you, Suzy! Your focus, dedication, and ambition will serve you well in the future. It is great to hear a budding professional such as yourself so excited about every aspect of her career. PR sounds as though it has so much to offer you and you to it.

It's also fantastic that your personality tests aligned so accurately with the identity and values of PR. But I'm curious: what if the results had been different? What if these tests suggested an alternative career choice? Would you have taken that route or followed what you have worked for? I sometimes find a struggle in listening to my inner voice and doing what is designated "correct" for me by externalized factors (news, tests, advice/pressure from family and peers).

I am so confident in your all your talents. Your future clients have no idea how much creativity, drive, and skill you have to offer. I can't wait for you to blow them all up!

Good luck Suz!