Saturday, April 21, 2007

hectic shcdules, a pr person's life

My schedule has been so hectic lately that I count myself lucky if I even have a chance to sleep and eat every day. I have so much work due, it's not even funny. I feel compelled to list all of my assignments, just to fill everyone in. I have to read a 400 page Spanish novel, write a 12 to 15 page literary analysis of a Spanish play (in Spanish of course), a put together a 200-something page PR campaigns book, rehearse a client presentation for Monday, study for a mass communication law test, study for a Food Science test and look for a place to live after graduation.

This is nothing new, PR is a busy, fast-paced career, no matter what industry or sector you're in. Especially if you work at an agency, however, it's best if you don't mind it. It's also a good thing that I don't mind the craziness. Not to say that I enjoy having no life, I think it's more that I am used to this type of schedule. If you look at my calendar, every day is covered with reminders and due dates, but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.

This bodes well for me going into agency work, since it's pretty much a mile a minute there. While some people consider this a disadvantage of agency work, to me it's exciting. Life's never dull and you always face a new challenge to tackle.

While it can be stressful at times, it's usually not more than you can handle. Which is what my current life schedule is like right now. Overwhelming.

My point here: I'm sure I can hit the ground running when I start working at an agency after graduation.


Alexandra said...

One of my favorite quotes goes something like "Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

You might feel like you have no life now, but I'm sure that you're just about to head into the most colorful season of your social life. A young, bright, driven college graduate with a total sense for the most bustling city of the South-East.

You might not have more free time, but it's certain that at least you'll get paid for your work :) And you'll make lifelong friends while doing it!

Give it one last big push, and then sit back and watch the ship come in.

SuzyQ said...

Good advice. Now that the last two wild weeks of my life are over, I think I might just be able to do that.